Recycling tips

  • Please make sure your containers, bags, bins or crate are not too heavy. 
  • Please ensure there is no liquid remaining in any cans or bottles. 
  • Remove all bottle tops! 

There are a few of reasons we ask you to remove all caps and lids from containers; particularly plastic bottles, before you bring them in for recycling.

1. Lids are required to be removed before plastic bottles are recycled.

If you remove the lids before you bring in your containers it will speed up the process for everyone by enabling us to sort and pay you much quicker.


2. After the bottles are sorted, they are  compressed under high pressure into cubes called ‘bales’.

If there is air or liquid inside the bottles because the lid is left on, the bottle will pop open causing the bale to fall apart; making storage and transportation of the bottles difficult.


3. Lids are made from a different type of plastic. 

Different plastics melt at different temperatures and also go through a different recycling process due to their chemical composition. 

On the bottle itself, you will see the recycling symbol with a number 1 inside. This type of plastic is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PETE for short). This plastic is in high demand by manufacturers who recycle it into new containers, carpet, furniture and polar fleece. 

On the inside of the plastic lid you will see the same symbol but it is likely to be a number 4, which means the plastic is made from low density polyehylene (LDPE for short) or a number 5, meaning the plastic is made from polypropylene (PP). When these two types of plastic are recycled, they are often turned into fence posts, tubing, crates, plant pots and automotive parts.