Recyclers of South Australia

Promotion of the law affecting the operation of collection depots, including: representation in discussion and on Committees.

Keep abreast of improvements in technology which may be adopted to improve handling efficiencies. To act in all respects as a trade body, to guide the industry and preserve its public image.

Tinnies for Vinnies pos RGB

Join Scrap Hotline and Recyclers SA in donating your Tinnies For Vinnies. All funds raised will help Vinnies to support those who are homeless or doing it tough. Your donation will go directly to help South Aussies in need!

Pop your empty 10c containers in a Tinnies For Vinnies bin to turn them into cash for Vinnies! Find your nearest location here.

South Australia introduced the container deposit legislation (CDL) in 1977, and in 2017 celebrates its 40th anniversary. The container deposit scheme has proven to be a highly successful program, resulting in litter reduction and improved resource recovery.